About the podcast


Don’t Push the River is a podcast about the Thames River in southwestern Ontario and how it brings communities together.

The podcast was an idea Mehek Mazhar got when she moved to London and joined the radio station at Western University.

As she saw the river more frequently, winding through the city, she found all sorts of stories to understand the river, its people and surrounding land.

She sat down with local experts to learn about the river’s heritage and investigate current issues. Various episodes journey through topics of history, recreation, the environment and art.

Don’t Push the River has become a project in gathering and presenting the stories of not only an enduring river, but the communities through which it flows.


About the Maker


Mehek Mazhar is a news host and producer at CHRW Radio Western. A journalist by training, her passion is to tell stories that serve communities. She is a first generation Canadian from Hamilton and now lives in London.