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Perhaps you are a new listener checking out the podcast for the first time. Our first episode recently aired on Friday, November 16. You can listen to it at our page ‘How to Listen.’ In the mean time, check out our work in the community below.


On Friday, October 19 at 3 p.m. we presented Don’t Push the River at Museum London. Our session Merging Voices: Journey of a Podcast on the Thames River was one of many at the three-day conference known as The River Talks: A Gathering at Deshkan Ziibi. Our host and producer Mehek Mazhar premiered the podcast series and shared her experience through the stories of the river.


In August, Mehek Mazhar joined Radio Western’s news show, In the News, to talk about the Thames River Phosphorus Reduction Collaborative and how phosphorus levels impact life in the river.